Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School of Box

How do you unpack a house and still do homeschool at the same time?

You don't.

What's my secret? I started school a month early so I could take time off when we moved. Still, we've needed to return to our school routine recently. I couldn't find all our school stuff (it already takes up more than one box) so we didn't have a flag to say the pledge.

That's ok. Homeschool Mom will save the Day!

I just found a moving box with a flag printed on the side.
We said the pledge to a box.

In my head, my pledge went something like this:

"I pledge allegience to the flag
on the United Van Lines box,
and to the housefull of boxes in which it stands.
One family, under boxes, unpackable, with bubble wrap and tissue paper for all"

That being said, we've made some great strides in school recently, with the addition of a new math curriculum. Here you see the blocks that we used today to learn place value (ones, tens, hundreds). Julia plays too when we play "Math blocks" Before we know it, she'll be learning about the ones, tens and hundreds who live on decimal street.